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its all about that face to face

POP Atlanta works as an intermediary between the client and the consumer. We find that most companies struggle to get their key interactions with customers right, which is where we come in! They hire us to speak to their current accounts and bring them back to life or to add new ones to their portfolio. We make sure we only focus on in-person interaction in order to remove any miscommunication from the start of the acquisition all the way to the finish. We stay away from the digital approach as this is just not what we specialize in, we are only hired for that personal interaction. We swipe left on the digital approach and go #face2face.

Here at POP Atlanta we are working with a brand new client. It is, therefore, crucial for us to create the most personal approach with their customers, and to hit their marketing goals as expediently as possible. The main thing that we have to focus on is ensuring that we create sustainable growth with our clients. One of the main reason that we opened our office here in Atlanta is that it has allowed us to hit another growth target. The goal for us in the next 2 years is to achieve a further 25 market expansions for our clients. This will exponentially increase our clients'  market share, revenue and brand awareness, not to mention our own.

When we work with our clients we promise them the best customer service experience. This helps us grow in strength in the confidence that our clients' brands are safeguarded. The more markets we open with these perfect standards for our clients, the quicker we can hit their goals and take on further clients. 

We offer a 2:1 return on investment for our clients to ensure that they get the best value for their investment. This is why we can create so much demand from the clients as they love the services we provide.