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There are three major stages to us bringing our client’s marketing strategy to life:

You talk, we listen!

  • We believe that in order to effectively represent a brand we must first understand the vision. We consult with our clients to understand their vision, their growth goals and where they see their services being positioned. 

We present, you approve!

  • A consultative approach in deciding how to sell and market a brand is key to its success. So we take the company’s vision and devise a strategy and have it approved by the client.

You stop, we POP! 

  • Perfect planing prevents pathetic performance but excellent execution equals earned evolution. Execution of the strategy is the game. 

  • We implement the strategy and report back with results. We have an impressive return on investment for our current client accounts.

Corporate marketing 

  • For a lot of businesses the most appropriate target market is other corporations. When we segment our clients’ market and identify corporations as their key demographic it allows us to form a business-to-business strategy in order to achieve success! 

  • We add the necessary gloss, sheen and pizazz to make our corporate clients pop.

Pilot programmes 

Haven’t got off the ground? Trying to fly high? Maybe you have the wrong plane? Or maybe, just maybe, you have a bad pilot?

Pop is excited about helping new businesses grow and have launched a plethora of pilot campaigns, recording excellent results.

If you or your business is interesting in piloting our methods please don’t hesitate to contact us.