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These are the faces of the management team, the people who are ready to take control of our client's destiny.



Danielle Hay, is the founder and CEO of the company. What makes POP so different to anyone else is the CEO's ability to create a positive environment with the team, which then gets passed onto our customer experience. Danielle is originally from the UK with a background in business and comes from a family of small business owners, which is what has driven her to want to run a business herself and venture to the USA for bigger opportunities. Since moving here has advanced her career in many networking groups and consults for many marketing offices all around America.


Senior Project Manager

Tiarnan is an entrepreneur and business owner in the sales and marketing industry. He was not originally involved in this sector and studied law as his initial career path. He attained an LLB degree from Queens University in Belfast, graduating in 2012.

Prior to entering into the marketing sector, he had a fairly typical working background. I started off my working life in hospitality and gained so many valuable and transferable skills from that experience; such as great customer service, sales, teamwork and work ethic. He took a lot from the sector and ultimately uses many of these skills to this day.

 Tiarnan has always loved the marketing sector due to its high energy, high octane and competitive nature.
As a sports-minded individual, he has always relished being in business.

He is very excited to be a new part of the project here at POP Atlanta. Tiarnan says "Although a company in its infancy, it is rare to come across a core team that is so enthusiastic and energetic in its pursuit of growth.
I look forward to see what the future holds for this fun filled team!"