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Sometimes a company can have amazing products, or amazing services but then still fall short of achieving the greatness that they first envisaged.


Often the business owners can attribute this shortfall to their ideas or concepts not being as great as they first thought they were. In actual fact it’s sometimes that their potential customer pool were not exposed to the brand enough, therefore producing underwhelming results and bottom lines. 


It can be the best idea in the history of ideas but if no one has heard of it....then the revenue or market share cannot be created. We believe that the power comes from brand awareness and then its super easy to get people to buy into the product. There is no way that you would ever give up your iPhone for a phone brand you have never heard of? Exactly. So we spend the first portion of the transaction explaining the brand even if its one of our Fortune 500 clients. Brand awareness isn't always teaching people about the brand, it can also be resurrecting the brand from any bad experience the customer could have had. 

POP will speak to your clients and customers face-to-face. We will create that personal relationship. As it stands we conduct over 200 presentations to business owners and corporations weekly. We get our clients’ names out there and create buzz around their brand!